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making as natural as possible handmade soap and skin care

Welcome to SoapNatch
Home of as natural as possible handmade soap (and skin care) answers
Learn about soapmaking, hone your soap skills, connect with fellow soapers
As natural as possible handmade soap-Photo (C) Anna Ceccarello

Pathways to the SoapNatch Experience

>> I want to know about the SoapNatch/Natural Soapmaking community.

Where does SoapNatch come from? How do I join the SoapNatch/Natural Soapmaking community?

>> I want to learn all about handmade soap.

What is as natural as possible handmade soap and why should I bother with it? Where can I access reliable soapmaking information for free, or find out about other ways of getting it? Do you offer soapmaking classes and workshops? Which books do you recommend for absolute beginners?

>> I know how to make soap and want to get better at it.

Where can I discover current trends in handmade soap? What are DWCP, HP, DBHP, CPOP, crockpot soap...? How do I make liquid soap, cream soap, whipped soaps, swirled soaps...?

>> I need help with my soap recipes.

How do I design the best soap for psoriasis, children, nut allergies, acne, dry or mature skin, babies, pets....? Where can I find laundry soap and house cleaning recipes?

>> I want to do more than handmade soap!

What is as natural as possible skincare, and how do I approach it? Do you have recipes and instructions for creams, lotions, perfumes...? How do I make my own color cosmetics?

>> I want to purchase soapmaking/skin care ingredients.

Which are the main ingredients in handmade soap and skincare? Where can I find essential and base oils? Where do I buy lye (alkalis, NaOH, KOH...)?

>> I want to contribute to SoapNatch/Natural Soapmaking.

How can I suggest resources, showcase my soap & skincare skills or be listed as an active member of the community?

>> I want to stay in touch with the SoapNatch/Natural Soapmaking community.

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