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making as natural as possible handmade soap and skin care

Natural Soapmaking: the email mailing list for SoapNatch'ers

From the beginning, SoapNatch has been building community through a traditional email discussion mailing list [definition]. Currently hosted on a sister Website, the Natural Soapmaking mailing list is open to soapmakers and as natural as possible skin care enthustiasts from every corner of the world.

Membership is free, with no strings attached. The list is hosted on a private mailing list server and is carefully and regularly monitored to protect subscribers from mass advertisers, spammers and hackers.

If you would like to talk soap, SoapNatch/Natural Soapmaking is the way to go: click here to join now!

Mailing list member options

If you are already a member of the SoapNatch/Natural Soapmaking mailing list, you can log in here to update or verify your membership options.
In-depth information to help you make the most out of the SoapNatch/Natural Soapmaking mailing list is available in the Handbook and in the Posting Guidelines.

Page last updated 07 jan 2015