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making as natural as possible handmade soap and skin care

SoapNatch: Our soapers community network

SoapNatch'ers are everywhere! Connect with like-minded soapers from any or all of the following circles:

  • Soap bloggers: look here for those who keep Web diaries, which often include recipes and suggestions on as natural as possible soap and skin care solutions.
  • SoapNatch email discussion list: this is our traditional email mailing list, one of the longest standing online communities of people who want to talk about soap (and skin care!)
  • Facebook Group: in doing our best to keep up with the Joneses (and avoid disappointing our most recent followers), we have recently opened a SoapNatch Facebook Group. Hard to believe... but true!!
  • Soap Naturally Points Of Presence: this is the legacy page for SoapNatch'ers around the world, and it's good enough for the moment and until a new Points of Presence page is ready for this Website!
    Send us a message with your name and location (city/state/country) if you'd like to be listed on this upcoming SoapNatch POP page.
  • Twitter: ListMum Marina's tweets on SoapNatch and as natural as possible soap & skincare topics.
  • Facebook: our SoapNatch fan page on Facebook.

Page last updated 07 jan 2015