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making as natural as possible handmade soap and skin care

All about as natural as possible soapmaking

Browse this page for background information on soapmaking in the third millennium. Don't be surprised if many of the linked pages take you to our sister Website at

Soap Naturally/Natural Soapmaking Mailing List Archives (Restricted Access - Members Only)

If you're a member of Soap Naturally/Natural Soapmaking, this is the entry point to our list archives, which contain the messages exchanged among members. Don't forget to check out the archives before posting a question to the list: the answer might already be there!
...You're not a member yet? No dramas, the list is public and you're welcome to join now! :-)

Soap making and soap supplies information

This is the main index to our carefully selected links, sorted by type and briefly described. The links collected on Soap Naturally/Natural Soapmaking about soapmaking information and specialised soap suppliers are a terrific resource for both beginner and expert soapmakers (soapers).

Soapmaking classes and workshops

If you are in Australia or New Zealand and would like to learn how to make soap, creams, lotions, balms and skin care, this is where you can meet the best teachers!

Soapmaking raw materials and tools

Most ingredients for handmade soap and skin care can be sourced from supermarkets and retail shops. Our brief guide describes soap making ingredients and tools you can buy from your local supermarket, health food store and hardware shop.

Soap recipes, skin care recipes, soap books

This page is the main index to original recipes for soap, shampoo, creams, lotions and more, links to more recipe and reference resources on the Internet, Cat Turner's blending suggestions, a soapmaking/natural cosmetics bibliography, and our members reviews of some common soap making books.
If you are strictly interested in handmade soap, you can also refer to our separate soap recipe index, listing over 200 true-and-tried soap recipes!

Soap Naturally/Natural Soapmaking Natural Skin Care Handbooks

Background information, ingredients, methods and recipes for natural skin care products are now available from the Soap Naturally/Natural Soapmaking Natural Skin Care Handbooks section.

Soaping abbreviations, soapmaking jargon, technical terms

What's DWCP? Who needs an MSDS? And what do we mean by ROFLOL?
Common soaping and e-mailing abbreviations, soapmaking jargon and technical terms are also covered in the Soap Naturally Book.

Soap Naturally/Natural Soapmaking Soapers

A directory of our member soapmakers' commercial or personal Websites.

Soapmaking history

Learn all about how soap was made in yesteryear times. Patrizia Garzena's true history of soap, links to soap making history sites, stories from listmembers and an early 1900's recipe.

Soap stories and pictures

This section is dedicated to success and "soap horror" stories, including case studies of common soaping problems, such as DOS.

Soap swaps

Would you like to know how a "soap swap" works? Here's the information about past and present swap projects on Soap Naturally/Natural Soapmaking.

Technical information about the Soap Naturally/Natural Soapmaking Web and Mailing List

Soapers who are interested in computing and Web site programming (soapie nerds?? ;-) will also find some technical information about the Soap Naturally/Natural Soapmaking Web site and related mailing list.

Page last updated 07 jan 2015